Saturday, April 12, 2008

guitar picksss

nothing beat human touch
Do you collect those useless phone cards, credit cards, gift card or whatever plastic? Do throw them away, they can be use to make guitar picks. Other materials like cardboard, “Handi Snacks” stick, CD, Toshiba laptop, and plastic packaging can be use too. Just use a marker pen and draw the pick shape on the card and card it with scissor, piece of cake.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

the civic musical road

nothing beat human touch

This is not a funny sign or an ad sign, this thing go for real. It is located in Lancaster, CA, the Honda’s musical road actually plays a rendition of “The William Tell Overture”. The sound is made by the tires ~ passing over a series of carefully cut groves in the road’s surface.
According to Honda, the road was tuned specifically to the tires and wheelbase of a Civic.
Now there are some local residents want it to be paved over just because not everyone drives a Honda Civic at the exact right speed.

I wondered how it sounds like when we go reverse. Hmm… interesting.

penis guitar

nothing beat human touch
Have you seen this around? I got no info about. Looks cool right, ladies. Don’t play with that stick as it is not going to shoot out anything. I did an image search on “penis guitar” and found out one which is pretty similar called the Wangcaster (probably the one above is a modification from that). It will be cool to use one on stage. So do they have any donut guitar for the ladies?(holly shit) Alright, if anyone got the info just drop it at comment to share with all our friends here.