Thursday, December 22, 2011

I know this is worth reading

How many stuffed animals do you own?
can i say not too many?i actually googled for this question

Favorite book?
new book i guess..

How much money do you currently have on you?
5o cent.. :(

Is there something you wish was different?
yeah..i wish i had made a wise decision 'cause i didnt

To you, what amount of questions does a survey have to have to be long?
100 is just too much for me. haha

Mini skirts, jeans or both?
jeans! or mini jeans.. ;) hahaha

Are you good at come backs? whats that supposed to mean?

When's the last time you watched the news?
just now.
Do you love Christmas time?
i wish i do
Can you skateboard?
hell no

Do you always have someone who has your back?
who has your back? urmm what?hahahah

Do you really think that the number 13 is unlucky?

Personality or looks?
both.okay..both are important..are u talking about which is important? -_-

What's your favorite flavor of cough drops?

Do you ever dance around your room when your by yourself?
one of the best thing in life.yeah of course!

What is the time?

Do you hate the cold?
who doesnt?

How long can you hold your breath for?
1minutes++ :D

What's something you seem to run out of often?

19.1.19 94

Do you like double digit numbers? (EX: 22)
err yeaa.. ?

Do you have a fan in your room?
:) im bored

Do you think that there really is someone out there for all of us?
certainly. Allah said so...
Cakes, brownies or pies?

Do you like skinny jeans?
i only wear skinny jeans.. *cough
Do you think Cookie Monster is cute?

Do you like candy canes?
i fuck it a lot
Do you ever wish you were a bird?

What do you think of Lady Gaga?
she looks like miz nina

Have you ever had a dream where you killed someone?
...yeah.lucid dream
Which is better: Hot boys/girls or food?
food. what can u do with hot boys/girls??! u cant eat them
or even rape them.cause they no like haha

Do you ever wish on your eye lashes?
once. only once...and it was.stupid!
When's the last time you did a push up?
1 month ago

Do you know what 143 stands for?
i love u. right?

Do you ever make up stories in your head and wish they come true?

Has anyone ever told you that you were amazing?
anyone? hey everyone says that.. >.>

Diet pop/soda or regular?
regular is awesome

Do you have to listen to music to fall asleep?

Do you look at people in the eyes when you talk to them?
when im telling them the truths or lies, haha motive?!

Are you good at running?
damn good

Which is worse: stuffy nose or runny nose?
s t u f f y

Which is worse: Sick to your stomach or sore throat?
What's your favorite smiley face?

Does anyone take your breath away?
YEAHH @..@
Do you know who Greyson Chance is?
yea. i hate him much. y u no look like a boy?!
Are you really happy with your life?
alhamdulillah..i love my life a lot, even i only have 50cent in my purse and waiting for spm's result. it sucks but however my life is pretty much awesome. my life would be perfect if my last wish is fulfilled.

I am stronger than my words :p

Today at 6

Afiq "heyyy!!!! patrick is in my plate!"
Me "Oi tu bunga cengkih -.- patrick tapak sulaiman"
Ibu "Bunga cengkih? kau tahu tu apa? haha"
Me "patrick starfruit kan ?"
Ibu " -..-

Haih. random

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sekolah Men 1.2.5

Snow hei oh :P

whats interesting bout this school? -sab-?
ok, i was suprised. so suprised! hahhahaha merepek

i was suprised by the students there, nampaknye lebih nerd berbanding semesta alolol
not all,but what is seen..
tapi nampak je nerd. nampak je. hahahah i was kind of SUPRISED when they simply *membantah homework,teachers,etc. wuoaw and the teachers will just smile and..okay! TAPI lagi, yang kenotstan nye, result exam, pergh. gempak.

mine? ok-ok.
what can be inferred, the less the person is seen with a book, the better the result T_T
tapi kan, tak jugak. rajin pun gempak.

my life being sabian was as simple and easy as abc!!
less task,less thing to do, and no responsibility to any-thing'
boleh kate agak bosan.

Bila bosan tu,mulalah rindu semesta. ^___^
tapi bersyukur jugak hehe. adalah sebabnya.
bukan tu saje, rindu jugak bila result exam sangat teruk haih hahhaha

i miss sab too. fuh

Sekolah Men 1.0

Theres nothing much to say bout my so called 1.0 school- semesta, and im not good in writing :(

omg harap sangat my english(essay) spm will be ok ^,^~
(duh tetibe je)
ya allah! and hey please pray for me :*

haha. actually there are so many things to say lah! but i really dont know how to write it down..
kenapa 1.0?
i didnt failed tau, though my last exam there i failed at getting the top1 :( haha padanlah muka!

ok, sebelum masuk ke semesta,
i was basically observing the school's website...and macam dah 2 tahun tak update -.-
tak lupa untuk menggoogle gambar sekolah tu, haih. macam dah search 'ladang kelapa sawit'
gambar kelas semua hitam putih..wujud lagi ke tak sekolah ni?
BUTT i didnt care, i was very excited! i love hostel life!! -based on what i saw, my sister had a great life kat mrsm. sampai kalau boleh takmau balik rumah... nak jugak ^_^

and yeah, at the moment i saw the school for the veghi firsst time,i fell in...and speechless. omg nak balik! kenapa besar sangat? and ..lapang? Pokok macam tak berape nak ada, rumput pulak semua kuning?
why? :P

First day at school was awesome :) and the next day, next two month ,third month, fifth...and the next year! haha! till now i dont know what the actual reason that force me to shift school walalala haha.. i know la...i wuz juz fuckin kiddin you!
first year was ok, no homesicknessss, ibu ayah pun tak pernah melawat pun ^,^ hebat.
second year wasnt bad, tapi macam agak2 kadang2 sekali sekala selalu ter homesick...ftw.. but still, ibu ayah memang tak lawat sangat. sebab homesick? too many problems. 0,O ahaha

Ok dah taktau nk cakapa. haha,
ni sedikit nk share my 2008th journal/diary. walao!
sebenarnya satu buku ni dah pernah dibaca, sebab selalu tertinggal dlm kelas :(

yang ni yana yang conteng

*susahkan nak bace.. :P
Yg sensored tu memang dangerous k, harap maklum hahaha

hahah ok bye!

Saturday, December 3, 2011