Monday, December 12, 2011

Sekolah Men 1.2.5

Snow hei oh :P

whats interesting bout this school? -sab-?
ok, i was suprised. so suprised! hahhahaha merepek

i was suprised by the students there, nampaknye lebih nerd berbanding semesta alolol
not all,but what is seen..
tapi nampak je nerd. nampak je. hahahah i was kind of SUPRISED when they simply *membantah homework,teachers,etc. wuoaw and the teachers will just smile and..okay! TAPI lagi, yang kenotstan nye, result exam, pergh. gempak.

mine? ok-ok.
what can be inferred, the less the person is seen with a book, the better the result T_T
tapi kan, tak jugak. rajin pun gempak.

my life being sabian was as simple and easy as abc!!
less task,less thing to do, and no responsibility to any-thing'
boleh kate agak bosan.

Bila bosan tu,mulalah rindu semesta. ^___^
tapi bersyukur jugak hehe. adalah sebabnya.
bukan tu saje, rindu jugak bila result exam sangat teruk haih hahhaha

i miss sab too. fuh


Anonymous said...

Of coursela... You were always absent from school.
' the less the person with book, the better the result'

tiyyaLASCO(: said...

haha. i miss semesta(: and i miss you too(: