Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Does it bother you if the shower nozzle thing isn't straight?
*yerrr! em not jelly haha

Do you agree with the title?

Have you ever had something important taken away from you in an instant?

Did you say yes referring to a person? ^^
*lol yeahhh haha

Are you obsessed with scarves?

Don't you just love wearing your boyfriends sweatshirt?
*i dunow :o

Your best friend is going to die in an hour, what would you do?
*no..she's not going to die :P

If one of your friends is crying, do you start crying?
*hmm always ee
Are you sick at the moment?

Tell me, have you ever been in lovee? <3
*yes :O
Your ex calls you up. Surprised or not?
*suprised to death

Where are you right now?
*my room
Do you believe that love is the strongest thing ever?

How's life?
*getting harder
Do shy guys attract you?
*depends haha

Ever made the mistake of trusting a guy with your life?
*hmmmmm o.O

Do you have a box where you keep all your things you want to remember?
Do you feel bad for those kids who are just so annoying but cant help it?

Have a boyfriend?
* ^.^
You're sad. Who do you turn to?
* bf? friends? :)

Ever been SOOO tired, but you just couldn't fall asleep?

Do any sports?
* boleha haha
Tell me a random fact about yourself to end it :
* everything you can do, i can do better


Ini memang tahap taktau nak post ape.tak kisah la ape korang fikir tapi memang mcm ni lah.hahahaha
yanaa, cepat la balik, aku nak kate2 semangat dari kau :O hehe

Monday, March 7, 2011


My hair was thicker than jessica biel's few years ago :O
now egh my hair is sooo thin! i hatee laaahhh feel like orang asli (dyed my hair)
dulu i likee thin hair,dunno la who the hex that influenced me. i always go to salon n ask the styliist to make my hair as thiin as..entah
and the stylist said aiyoooo amoi ur hair so thick la why u wannt to make it nipis?

I olso always cut my hair on my own when i think its gettin bodoh gila aku
and i like to cabut any hair that bengkok2 hingga ke akar and and felt satisfied to the max
dont know whyyyy T___T
plus alwayssss gaduh dengan adik2 tarik2 rambut bagai nak rak
and dyed and perm and so on
nowwwwwwwww my hairrr so nipis melepek kat kepalaaa.benciiii

what to do now?

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yeeeeer tired :/
homework melambaks n rajin buat essay je
essay je

Sekolah ni.baru bulan january indeks dah 3 helai m/s
nak mencapai ape..? KPI SBT? wtf
english punye indeks pulak satu helai m/s satu hari.bapakkk sikit
buku pulak satu subjek dah almost 10 buah
baru beli 4 each subject.banyaaak buat kat testpad je :( hahahhaaha like a boss

Taktau lah ape dah jadi malas amat padahal spm year :(
banyak sembang banyak menung
ingat dulu mase form1.test1 je dah stay up sampai pukul 4 pagi
sekarang stay smpai 5 petang pun taboleh

Esok skip sekolah
next week penilaian satu
lusa sekolah
pada hari sabtu