Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Does it bother you if the shower nozzle thing isn't straight?
*yerrr! em not jelly haha

Do you agree with the title?

Have you ever had something important taken away from you in an instant?

Did you say yes referring to a person? ^^
*lol yeahhh haha

Are you obsessed with scarves?

Don't you just love wearing your boyfriends sweatshirt?
*i dunow :o

Your best friend is going to die in an hour, what would you do?
*no..she's not going to die :P

If one of your friends is crying, do you start crying?
*hmm always ee
Are you sick at the moment?

Tell me, have you ever been in lovee? <3
*yes :O
Your ex calls you up. Surprised or not?
*suprised to death

Where are you right now?
*my room
Do you believe that love is the strongest thing ever?

How's life?
*getting harder
Do shy guys attract you?
*depends haha

Ever made the mistake of trusting a guy with your life?
*hmmmmm o.O

Do you have a box where you keep all your things you want to remember?
Do you feel bad for those kids who are just so annoying but cant help it?

Have a boyfriend?
* ^.^
You're sad. Who do you turn to?
* bf? friends? :)

Ever been SOOO tired, but you just couldn't fall asleep?

Do any sports?
* boleha haha
Tell me a random fact about yourself to end it :
* everything you can do, i can do better

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