Monday, March 7, 2011


My hair was thicker than jessica biel's few years ago :O
now egh my hair is sooo thin! i hatee laaahhh feel like orang asli (dyed my hair)
dulu i likee thin hair,dunno la who the hex that influenced me. i always go to salon n ask the styliist to make my hair as thiin as..entah
and the stylist said aiyoooo amoi ur hair so thick la why u wannt to make it nipis?

I olso always cut my hair on my own when i think its gettin bodoh gila aku
and i like to cabut any hair that bengkok2 hingga ke akar and and felt satisfied to the max
dont know whyyyy T___T
plus alwayssss gaduh dengan adik2 tarik2 rambut bagai nak rak
and dyed and perm and so on
nowwwwwwwww my hairrr so nipis melepek kat kepalaaa.benciiii

what to do now?

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