Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About to end

Abot me :

I'm alyaa! Loves Topography! No music no nothing, lovess hardmetal and heavycore!
Go away sempits and backseaters! Better checking out ur friendster! Thats all peep

That awkward moment when im trynna be funnay

I read someone's blog n saw something.she said im having my own life. that must be me rite?ritee la. im having my life yes,i am. without her. without my only bestfriend.
(i'm watching astana-damn the house so big i wnna cry)

I dont know what shud i do to make myself better. i dont know whats going on in this world. i have lack of everything n it's leaking.to make it rhyme. (how to spell?) i dont know what am i supposed to do when the best part of me is always someone else (this is actually a song)
but i know how to make me know everything. but it is impossible rght now.
and the items that i wish could help me are notebook and sejadah.

few days left.i've tried my best.realizing nothing to regret

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Me : sedihla dengar lagu fireflies
Sis : asal?
Me : nak tau kenape?
Sis : asal?
Me : tah
Sis : asal?
Me : asal?tahla.

id like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly.its hard to say that id rather stay awake when im asleep cause everything is never as it seems

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Confessions?

Honestly, what are you thinking about right now?
how i can finish this survey,boyfriend

Do you like to get your nails done?
no.i cant do anything after that

What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?

Do you remember the last movie you saw while on a date?
too embarrassed to say haha

Do you love the color pink?
i dont know.i have nothing in pink

Have you ever cheated on someone?
What color is your favorite bra?

Do you kiss on the first date?
no hahaha
Do you like to wear dresses?

Are you into sports?
sometimes lawl

Do you like any 'manly' activities like hunting, fishing, or camping?
no more example huh?
Did you lose your virginity before you were sixteen?
im sixteen and not yet

If not, are you still a virgin?
yea loh?hahaha >:v
What was the name of your first boyfriend?
baby can i mention ur name?
Your first kiss?
can i?haha

Are you still with either of those people from the last 2 questions?
yeah :)

Have you ever dated anyone on your top friends?
who is my top friendS?

How many of your top friends have you kissed?

Have you ever used your bra to hold things like you would a pocket?
only notes..or phone?haha
Are you a shop-a-holic?
yeah, but i havent been

How many purses do you own?
more than 100 hahaha

Describe your favorite pair of shoes:
no heels,not a sneaker,flat and plain
Who knows a secret about you that no one else does?
my sister n my bf :o

What is your longest relationship to date?
to date..?forever
Who ended the last relationship you were in?
us loll

Have you ever gotten back with an ex?
regular instant ghhaa

Are you bi?
:_) no

Have you ever done something with a friend of the same sex?
done?like what?

Who was your first prom date?
when is my first prom date ?

Have you ever dated someone more than three years older than you?
never,only few month younger haha

Have you ever dated someone a year younger than you?

Have you ever fallen for a guy friend?
yeah hahahaha

Have you ever had a guy friend you weren't into, fall for you?
always LOOLLL ;O

Do you cry during romantic movies?
no -.-

Who was the last person to see you cry?

Have you ever been used?

Have you ever felt violated?
yeah haha

Do you like when I guy takes you by suprise and kisses you?
I guy is what?

What do you think of red lipstick?
Do you ever leave the house without make up?
never with a make up haha'
Do you tan?
i wish

What is your natural hair color?
forgot! haha mum said dark brown LOL

Is it that right now?
i dont know

Have you ever gone for someone despite knowing they were bad for you?
i dont know :_)
Do you prefer guys with dark hair or light hair?
dark :D
Have you kissed anyone who's name started with 'C'?

Would you be more likely to date a redneck or a goth?

A prep or a skater?
prep heh
An athlete or a musician?
athlete -.-

When was the last time someone gave you flowers?
6 years ago?who?

What kind of gift can win you over?
anything like car? :P

Has anyone ever sung to you?
yeah -..-

What was the stupidest thing you've done while drunk?
haven't drunk yet

Are diamonds really a girls best friend?
no.why shud b??

Gold or silver?

What is your favorite scent?
my bf 's odour?hehehhh
Do you like massages?
ou yaa

Have you ever been skinny dipping?
yup :o zomg
Do you sleep naked?
sum times minus
Is smoking a turn-off?
no :v

What is the perfect date?
a date with my bf

Is there a certain tv show you get upset if you miss?

What is your favorite movie?
i dont know..the descent?or final destination?

When was the last time you spent the night at someone else's house?
ougod years ago
Was that someone of the same or opposite sex?
i dont rmmbr
What is one food you always crave?
cadbury chocolate :D

Are you an exercise freak?
sometimez haha..imma trainer nao lol

What scares you more, spiders or snakes?

Do you expect to be married in the next two years?
possible la

What would you do if you found out you were pregnant?
eat baby killa cereal if existed
Was the last person to call you male or female?
male,my bf
Does it matter if a guy has a sense of humor?
nothing else matter...
jk hahah

Do you wish on shooting stars?

What are your thoughts on guys who wear wifebeaters?
rempit haha?
Who do you vent to when something is bothering you?
my bf

What is the best way to cool off when you're mad?
eat chocoocolate ice scream!!!!!!!! *curse

Do you have someone who is protective of you (father, brother, etc.)?
my bf :)

Would you ever get implants?
i dont know hahah

Have you ever had a crush on a sibling's friend?
no -.-
Have you ever had a crush on a friend's sibling?

What is the corniest pick-up line someone's ever used on you?
'yoou are so innocent'

Does it mean more to you if a guy uses the word 'beautiful' about you?
what do u mean???
Is your best friend a guy?

Are you more of a 'girly girl' or a 'tomboy'?
i dont know.ask my bf? haha
Is your hair longer than your shoulders?

Do you prefer showers or baths?

Have you ever dated someone with a child?

Have you ever dated someone shorter than you?

Have you ever dated someone of another race?
eghhh no?
Do you secretly still love to dress up for Halloween?
nohujjja hahano

Have you kissed anyone today?

Will you kiss anyone tomorrow?
i dont know im stupid
Are you addicted to texting?
im just addicted to the person im texting with

If you and your best friend got arrested, what would it be for?
fight with fighter :P


You: assalamualaikum!
Stranger: hi! I am 16 f Europe, searching for a man who has msn(hotmail), are you?
You: im 16
You: and..
Stranger: walaikumsalam
You: WOW
You: hahahaha
Stranger: cause im not european im indonesian
You: gotcha!
You: hahaha
You: u make me laugh to death!
Stranger: crazy?
You: hahaha

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out of the box

Sort of study chronology

Before year end holiday "Study start cuti nanti lah"
First day of school holiday "Bulan 11 ni lepak dulu lah kan"
1st of Dicember "10 hb la study..hehe"
10th of Dicember "12 hb la start baru best 12/12/2010"
Today, Dicember 12th "Esoklah xD"

To be continued..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

With someone like you, who needs enemies?

You meet people who forget you
You forget people you meet
But sometimes you meet someone you can't forget
But that someone forget you
Have you ever lost someone due to a fight or other stupid thing?

Stupid thing like this is like..like this

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Abandoned friday

But I know a magic dolphin swimming above the world.
Created by damnnearflawless and taken 56 times on Bzoink
Did you have breakfast today?: Nope
Have you ever been to New York?: Practically yes hahaha
Kleenex tissues or Puffs?: kleenex?
If you're a girl, do you ever leave the house without makeup?: yes..y not? i only know bout eyeliner
Some lyrics from the song you're currently listening to:: no lyrics..only musical instruments (from a tv)
Are you excited for Christmas?: no
Do you have a favourite kind of pie?: noh
Name three of your best friends:: happy three friends
Have you seen Vampires Suck?: yeah
Do you roleplay?: ....
Do you text a lot?: i dont know
Favourite Spongebob character?: patrick! hahaha
Do you have a favourite actor?: i dont know his name
Name all four of the Marauders:: sirius black..aaa jamespotter??haa?
John Lennon. Paul McCartney. Music-wise, who's better?: lennon..?
Are you afraid of heights?: no kot
Least favourite colour?: orangeo
Do you read for fun?: hm mm
By the way, what's your favourite book?: pei pan
Who's your idol?: my bf heh he
What names would you never name your children?: fatehah..hahaha (random)
What's the most awkward question someone's ever asked you?: Boat ape it two?
Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or only child?: middle
What time do you usually go to bed?: 1 am
Most played song on iTunes?: i gotta feeling hahhaha
Are you more of a music or movie person?: mu vie!
Do you prefer magazines or books?: mooks
Have you ever been to France?: :x
Have you ever seen 'How I Won the War'?: maybe..?
Do you have a favourite restaurant?: caffeinees:)
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
Take This Survey | Search Surveys | Create a Survey

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nothing is wrong with you

I dont wanna know anything about you, dont wanna see or anything about you.nothing is wrong with you. it's just me. something is wrong with me. thats why im always wrong
this has nothing to do with you
this is all about me
not you
i wish i had never met you. i wonder how my life will be.maybe real good or maybe i wont be here or there or here or anywhere
i am always the one who is very stupid. who left, who wrong, yes wrong over and over and yeah you can give that look. fine its fine you win. i dont care cause i dont know you. i dont know and please, i dont even wanna know
here is my problem, i wish i had never said those things. i wish i had never let u heard that
remember, its just me
hey? who i sound like? i dont give a crap! i know why is everything anything, u dont have to explain it anymore but i want to hear your explaination. haha see im as stupid as u think.
i never know who am i here,there,wherever in your sight
sometimes i just wish i could be more thankful


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: Hi. Male or Female?
You: female
Stranger: I am Female. 20 years old
You: well.im sixteen..
You: haha
Stranger: Where are you from
You: malaysia
You: hby
Stranger: I am from California
You: nice
You: are u boring
You: ?
Stranger: Do you have a pic?
You: yeah, u can check out my facebook
Stranger: If you want I can send you mine
Stranger: give me your email
You: freakinshrek02@yahoo.com
Stranger: or I can give you the link. I have a photo in advertisement :)
You: ..
Stranger: http://iamhoney.com/nancy.php
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A very long weekend

Me skipped the last day @school
and what i've missed?
10marks for addmaths.hahaha

the photo has nothing to do with school,random photo from fb
from left: me,tuna,biha,yasmin

yeaa very long weekend.practically likkka concert tour

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to in Back To Basic

Here is a simple way to know whether u are healthy or not.(Fever determinator) Firstly u need : stopwatch, small towel, ice cube, time and stupidityyyyy...ok..eh wait..first and foremost, u need to be healthy to do the first step. so if u are in fever. u cant do this. BYE2. Butt if u're healthy, just follow the following steps. WARNING : The first step is only for a healthy person. Firstly, make sure u have those stopwatch and blablahgahbah. Then, in a room temperature (37+273K) start a stopwatch and at the moment u start the stopwatch, hold an ice cube. (only cube-shaped) Hold it till it start to melt. At the melting point of the ice cube, stop the stopwatch. Record the time taken. Repeat those above steps when u're not really feeling well. Compare the time taken. If the time taken when u are not feeling well is longer. Then, obviously u are not feeling well.

Friday, November 12, 2010

In this photo: Me with the only person in this world who understands my 'jokes' :P selenida gomek
dunno what else to say...

Friday, October 22, 2010


Are you aware of wat you make me feel? Right now i feel invisible to you like im not RE~AAA~AL.
Didnt u feel me lock my arms around you, why did u turn away eh. here's what i have to say eh.
i was left to cry there waitin outside there grinning with the lost stare
thats when i decided
why should i care?

tah betul tah tak ni

Friday, October 15, 2010


Still dont know what to post here. Cause i share too much things on twitter and feel like printing screen my twitter page and copy it here. I em also run out of word to tweet. I..emm k la. I'll share (you) a story

Ever-ry-day at least one of my friend will give me this compliment " alyaa kan baik"
i dont know how to laugh. am so proud also. haha hah
i dont know y. but it is the best thing to happen..
yeahh i know im kinda changed.since i shifted to sab hahah haaaa
i dont yell or curse at teacher,
no rejecting weird-like people,
being suspended,
kena kaunseling,
so watever
ANYMORE hahaha yeah.thanks sab. u make me real -.-

i feel realll good when dicipline teacher didnt even notice my existence! i feel like god. oh mannnng. this is not happening before! i feel so normal in sab. sooo, normal.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I miss you

Yeah I'm waiting
for you its been so long
and i'm sad when i'm on my own
they said ,it takes a long,long time

If its not too much. Could you hear me now
You promised you always be
when i wake up please come around again
come around again..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm bek!

Still have nothing to say. but
I just downloaded full-complete-bla3 my fav book. not my fav yet, but da writer is my fav /blablabla i dont wanna read it tru dis screeen.waa so bright my eyes can die
but i cant print it out. coz da book got 400 pages. matila membazir

Ok this cuti i tot i want to study or hve some fun but i didnt cuz i spent almost 7 days at kampung sleeping. and den only left hours to hve fun. and of course no studying. homeworkz? copy later haha

Em now i hve no interest to online and do some stupid research lmao
cuz im not interested lah.i like doin noting at home and go out also do noting. the best thing is meetin my bf.haa

Rayaa,haih the weirdest raya eber cuz i didnt take any serious raya poto.all merapu punya. hahaha so damn bored. k,so long

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Haiii T_T

Haiiiiii i dumbno wtf to say here. i olsio damno wtf else on earth to post here anymore. and i fckgot the purpose i made this blog. yes no purpose. but i have 12 followers now!! wowww im so hot here.hahahahahahaahahhahaha. ok i dont want to upset my followersssz so i want to say somethinggg.
but i have no idea.emmm i'll be back if i got any. ok bye bye. see u, sooner or never

Monday, August 2, 2010



Whysso sucks?
Hmm.im sick and im gonna die soon.that sucks much.i dont wanna die before eighteen
And my parents hate me so much.
who loves me anyway?heh

Whysso serious?
I always serious as hell

Whysso sad?
I feel sucks that i couldn't stop missing the one who didnt care about me.

Whynot sucks?
I still have my legs.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today's Saturday

Tersedar.bad dream! thank god it wasnt real ;( :)

Tersedar.sweet dream ;D tapi kena bgn jugak! or else i'll die starving

Tengok tv.tah macam mane boleh tgk ultraman! !@#$$%^

Mandi manda sampai tak sedar ade orang call- so sad :( im sho sorry!

Room makeover- angkat couch humban masuk store.buat semak! tukar curtain kasi bilik cerah sikit.tukar cadar kasi seragam satu rumah haha

ohhhhhhhh do nothingggggggggggggggg - eat - baring2 - eat - jam - tv -weston's lady LOL - eat - baring -- till now

Monday, July 19, 2010

Triple Meaning

I have reached that level.see? i am good.this thing works so well these days

The guys in your life.huh so fucking long.i cant cope..just for those who have so much time to waste

Tired, but dont want to leave, i wanna stay.

Please dont let me look for someone else to giggle.u know i wont and it's painfulll

Random is boredom..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mid year exam

Tak kisahla kalau takde yang nk tau.Tapi skrg tgh mood blog.haha

Additional math
I did lotssssssss of exercise.but too bad tak paham ape yang dibuat.dah tu pulak taktau hari ape paper ni punye exam.tertukar dgn math modern. dan memang tak prnah paham pun ape yang cikgu ajar selame ni. so i got 36
Modern math
Yang ini memang tak pernah buat ape2 pun. nasib baik dapat 78
Read thruoutt the ref book ( yang da blaja je ) 4x. Tah mcm mane byk pulak mase hahaha latihan mmg byk gilaaahaaa buat.pergh mmg rajin gila ah. dapat la 66
Subjek ni bace module sekali je.Mengantuk sgt mlm paper ni.Tak bace pun, selak2 je. Tgk2 dapat 67 boleh la haha
Tak bace langsung,tak pernah paham and the result- 48
Ni pun tak bace.hahaha sebok berjalan malam exam paper ni -78
Woo ini bace nota dalam 2 kali. dapat 95 huhuhu
Tak bace langsung.ape tah lagi latihan, dapat 81 ke 80 tah
Pun same mcm Bm tak buat ape preparation.Then dapat 82 kot ke 83

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Action speaks louder than words?
yeah saya setuju tapi mcm mana mahu beraksi di sini hah?

Hari ni tak pegi sekolah,yelah pagi tadi pening la kunun demam tapi skrg bukan main sihat pulak. seronoknye tak sekolah!

Random story

Bile tengok balik previous blog posts/profile comments/texts or watever rase kelakar gile cuz melihatkan gaye menaip/brckp in words style macam satu huruf satu sen. Do u get what i mean?
Macam terlalu shortcut lah :) skrg ni makin lame makin baku pulak bhse saya gunakan (see!) bkn setakat baku tp seboleh2 tak shortcut.hahaha ni semuaa sebab terikut2 org yg suke type penuh2. Mule2 rase dorang ni klaka je tapi haihh terikut dah, nak buat mcm mane kan ᐛ
Then dalam exam selalu lah yg amat2 selalu tertulis shortcut. Dah tu brpe juta ribu dah correction kene buat. Penat lah. Dah la tak boleh nk copy paste je! Lepas tu mule lah berazam nak tulis penuh2 n baku2 LMAO hahahahahaha eiiii
Kalau dah communicate (text) dgn orang yang ala2 baku bahasa ni terpakse jugak lah ikut style dorang- yele nanti meke tak pahem pulak! Dah tu lame2 jadi amalan--words memory ngahaha
And since pakai phone ala ala keyboard pc ni pun menjadi salah satu faktor kepada perubahan yg terjadi.huh ayat rumusan :O!
Lagi satu yang style suke cakap cmpur2 BM-BI mcm saya/aku/me/i nih (sampai skrg taktau nak pakai kate ganti diri ape dlm blog) yg ni takde hal kan?kan?kan? hahaha nak buat mcm mane kawan dengan omputeh belaka HAHA
Dah kate kawan paling mudah mempengaruh.

WAAAAAH panjangnye.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is what u get TING7x

Get it?

one i saw my height increase
two i taste my weight increase
three i worn out again heeha
four felt so freexin cold
five someone gone dont care
six someone came care much
seven nida called and she's pregnant.congrats!
eight i gave an idea lul* good idea i think.makes my mum go shopping
nine i learned another ways to beat a police,
ten i saw titanic sank
eleven my fbf dead but alive
twelve oat crunch returned
thirteen bad blood transition happened
fourteen wicak sono again
fifteen i told the truth
sixteen i was terburu buru n shocked
seventeen forever
eighteen not happen yet
nineteen i dunno.
twenty just knew y im feeling cold!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


HAHA buruknye aku.tapi takpe.tapi takpe.

That is me yeahh hahaha.buruk gile gmbar
jumpe kat mane tah gambar ni hahahahaha

Ni lagi mcm bodoh mase 2007 haha .ape yang peace tah.
pissed offf gagaga. haihh jam ape yang aku pakai tu?
jumpe gmbr ni dari afiqah.haihhh hahahaha

Monday, June 21, 2010


:( so sad. my cellphone is crazy dumbass,all my saved texts are missing now.and im sure that they arent misssssing ,they are gone forever. waaaaaa. i need the saved texts so much.
huh itu je yang aku ade.itu sajje. dah pernah dah jadi mcm ni sekali.dah dekat 1000 texts,sayang sangat tauu. i know some of u think it's ridiculous.i dont give a damnmnmnmn ah weh.
haihh and noww jadi lagi sekali and and and i cried mcm ade orang mati and they laughed hahaha alyaa stupid. haahh whateva hm oh pls come back

and ah no holiday dah habis sekolah sekolah sampai gila

Friday, June 4, 2010


YAY! yayyy yeeea eeeeee banyaks hw ѠѠѠ! haha
eemm twitter dah jadi homepage nowww
so kalau nak tau ape2
silaaa lah ke http://twitter.com/alyaass
kalau nak tau la
bye :V

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Seriously,i think this blog is the place for me to express something by words instead of talking,and i dont care if theres no reader or visitor.HAHA.i often use both language and i did those grammar mistakes on purpose.bahahabanana.my written language is not good,but i have lotsss of ideassss :P

PEOPLE my twitter tweets just reached 267 tweets at the moment and
when someone ask me do u like twitter? and im gonna say
NOOOO absolutely no! but i like to update the tweet.and it is soooo fast!! hahaha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Im gonna die soon

Omg. I speak manglishling++ :P huh. today,iiiii bawak air pegi skolah yang entah dari mane datang kat dalam rumah ni. botol or bekas tu memang tak pernah dilihat sebelum ini. name pun pelik, troy ke tao ke ape tah la kan. kat skolah saat dahagakan air, bukak la air tu dgn penuh rakus ,then minum. minum je terus terkejut sebab rase macam melted plastic je. tapi tak peduli,minum jugak lah. dahagagilagagi. lepas minum rase high semacam ohh. and pening2 sikit. and tipsy? entah.haha. baru tadi keluarkan air tu dari beg, and oh my lord. air yg tinggal tu panas macam baru lepas panaskan. wtf? why huh? oh my guruuu

im gonna die soon.im talking to youuu

Saturday, May 22, 2010

EXPERIENCES or something else?

Wuhu i just reached 100 experiences on EP. hahahaha im celebrating it now .not so happy. just excited cause i never thought that im gonna ..aaaaaa..what? umm these are the ..what? experiences or? ummm aaaaahaha :P

Wish Money Grew On Trees
Am Trying to Drink More Water Every Day
Like Looking At the Sky During Night
Have a Job
Believe Everything Happens For a Reason
Love to See You Smile
Believe In Karma
Enjoy Music
Respect Real People
Am Not Here For Dating
Love Weird Facts
Love Coffee
Want to Create a Device That Records Your Dreams Straight to Video As You Sleep
Love London
Am Very Random
Am Pierced
Find Serial Killers Fascinating
Have a Weird Sense of Humor
Got My Tongue Pierced
Love Chocolate
Know It's True
Wonder Does He Love Me
Want To Hear Your Voice Right Now
Usually Mean Much More Than I Say
Wtk Why Microsoft Percent Bars Are Never Accurate
Love Learning But Hate School
Am Not Fake My Profile Is Real And My Pics Are Really Me
Dont Feel Welcome Anymore
Can't Even Find The Words
Look Up At The Stars And Wonder If Your Looking Too
Like To Walk The Streets In The Night
Dont Care If They Said Im Overreact
Feel Terrible When I Hurt Somebody
Rather Have A Silver Wedding Ring, Than A Gold One
Got 58 Percent For My Biology
Know Something Is Missing
Don't Know How To Talk About Things When I Really Need To
Wtk Your Song Of The Day And Why
Love Old Pretty Buildings
Love Cookouts
Need To Sell My Textbooks
Can't Express How Much I Love You
Won't Tell You I Love You If I Don't Mean It
Am Not The Same Anymore
Will Tell You Everything You Wanna Hear Starting Now
Am Looking For My Purpose On This Planet
Think Life Is Too Short to Waste Time
Don't Like Automatically Flushing Toilets
Don't Mind Watching Movies Alone
Have Deja Vu Alot
Am So In Love It Makes Me Cry Sometrimes
Have a Weird Feeling
Want to Build a Hospital
Ep When Everyone Is Sleep
Will Love You More Tomorrow Than Today
Am Easily Hurt By Harsh Words
Cry Sometimes
Like It When Things Happen Naturally
Dont Know Anymore
Am the Jealous Type
Get Upset Easily
Know Microsoft Excel
Feel Things and Can Hardly Explain Them With Words
Can Be Emotional
Want My Mom to Be Happy
Love the Rain,it Makes Me Happy
Miss You More Than You Will Ever Know
Love Having a Clean Bedroom
Love My Mother So Much
Wish People Would Realize How Their Actions Hurt Others
Love the Smell of Rain
Like Fast Food
Have Moments of Feeling Sad and Lonely
Use Improper Grammar On Purpose
Like the Night
Love Listening to Songs That Make Me Sad
Can Be a Real Idiot Sometimes
Am a Movie and Television Fan
Remember the First Time I Got High
Really Do Enjoy Being Alone At Times
Never Know What to Title My Stories
Can't Sleep When Someone Is Snoring
Want to Know Your Favorite Thing to Do When You Are Alone
Have the Coolest Cat
Use Face Masks
Want to Know What the F Uck You Were Thinking
Went to Boarding School
Can't Wait
Am Too Honest For My Own Good
Want to Figure Out Who I Am
Want to Move Away From Here
Use Music As Therapy For the Soul
Like Going Out and Having Fun
Am Annoyed By Positive People
Want to Know the Story Behind Your Username
Have a Feeling I Can't Explain
Am Malaysian (malay)
Have Difficulty Being Happy Most of the Time
'd Like to Change My Life, Right Now

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Nida

Happy birthday nida. tak dapat wish kat die :( die bukan nak call :P habis tu celah macam mane pulak aku nak call die kan,bengong. bukan nak bawak phone.duhhhh.. :P aku ni sepatutnye bestfriend die kan? yeke? tapi nida tak peduli langsung dah kat aku,yela. die happy sangat kat semesta skrg.hmmm..hahaha..hadoi sape lah aku ni pade die kan? sedihnye hahahah..tak prnah lagi bagi hadiah kat die...eh pernah.cermin mickey mouth(? mcm mane ejaa?) 5 hengget beli kat supermaket.dan banyak lagi sebenarnyaahhh :O dah itu yang die nak.tah ape2 je budak tuh,takde taste.hahaha(nasib baik die nak bende tu haha) hmm padahal birthday aku die buat macam2,dengan cake ape segala bagai.cake besar2 makan 2 orang je. :D
semoga birthday nida haru biru tanpa alyaa. kahkahkahakahagagaggaagaa

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Freekikkiki friday

Semalam tak datang sekolah sebab tidur lepas bangun.hhihi.semalam dapat addmaths paper yang monthly test ,so dapat hari ni la kpd yang tak datang semalam kan? (boyan) emm

syahirah : semalam ade ape2 menarik tak
bie: paper addmath april
syahirah: aku punye kat mane
bie: ha teka la dulu markah
syahirah: 1?ke 2? takkan 3 ?? pandai nye aku kalau 3 :O
bie: hahh teka ,tekaa
syahirah: tapi aku kadang2 pandai jugak.3 kot??
bie: nah amik la paper kau ni
syahirah:mak oiiii terer gilaa aku :D
bie: hahahha gempak gile kau teka.betullah 3 haha
syahirah: 3 per berape ni weh
bie: 30

syahirah tu aku la kan.tablemate aku kiri kanan depan belakang fullmarkss.haha mane pegi law of attraction huhh? esok mid year exam,first paper,addmath paper 2. SOS-no preparation-nothing in brain-none of my bussiness :@

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Haaaa aku tak datang pun anugeraahhh tu,
jumpe gambar ni kat facebook sab.
hah buruk gile muka aku,
so nak bagi lawa sikit
aku letak foundation tebal2 lagi kasi nampak berseri sikit.cantik dah kan?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Muh lust

wah malasnye nak pegi sekola esok! esok ade anugerah cemerlang ,malas jugak,nak pergi jugak sebab bukan selalu dapat jemputan kan. tapi didapati NO kasut untk dipakai ,kasut basah lagi sebab baru je masuk mesin tadi ,tak sempat kering .cikgu la ni suruh basuh. kasut spare pulak besar nak mampos.aaaaaaaaah sampahhh.malass nak pegiii la,perlu ke pergi.bukan dapat duit pun.setakat dapat sijil,eleh bertimbun kat rumah.mintak2 la esok tak sedar,hahahhaahaa

sengih sigh senyum

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I just updated my lifejournal merapu thingy, My life In 99 Songs :D huh,what a night! hahaha, i dont feel like sleepin buttttta,tomorrow is monday .sekolah oiiii,omg malas sungguh like nothing to gain nothing to lose :O ok goodnight nobody

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Empty School

Empty School

If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

wow ,i'll do this :P

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Talk to me softly

My best song of this band..this song makes me cry :P

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Experience Project!

yeeee ha! i just joined Experience Project. It is a site where me or u can share ur experiences,dreams and confessions! umm. but i dont really have those things. just wanna join and...aaaa...hee. do visit my EP! and click on my recent activities,stories,........aaaa etc :D

errr.... but u need to register to view my EP....o....kay....whatever ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a troublesome ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I dont get along with. .

im very busy now.my schedule had already exploded .eventhough i dont have any schedule.no more.."ouhhh what the hell is goin on....im so boring." but.homeworks are out of list.i dont do homework.im so busy.busybusybusyy

oh someone in my house just said that i look and act like a rapist.why huh?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

hyeeeee thursday..umm...just wanna say im horrified that things hve gotten so bad that i actually pay so much attention to the teachers. well, they are the only people who actually talk to me frrom one day to the next. how depressing. i wake up in the morningg and i feel something like im missing something. i know that theres something not right , and it takes me a while to rmmber what it is..then i remember, it was so silly of me to rely so muchhh on one person. its all coming back on me now.
anyway ,please visit my livejournal whaaatsoevaaitis. its all about fucketyyy thingy u never ever wanna know. but. just click it idiom! (if the stupid webserver flirt u,here is the link-http://leoholix.livejournal.com/)

eh..do u realise that our life is made up of time? our days are measured in hours,our pay measured by those hours,our knowledge is measured by years. we grab a few minutess in our busy day to have a coffee break.and yet your time eventually runs out and you wonder in your heart of hearts if those seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks,months,years and decades were being spent the best way they possibly could.in other words, if u could change anytthing,would u?

gosh im inspired by cecelia ahern,.damn she's gooood

Monday, February 22, 2010

previous posts

huh so fucking malas nak bace buku utk penilaian.
i cant read, cause im buta hurup
semalam tak boleh tidur
so buatlah bende bukan bukan :P
patutnye overdose lagilah sleeeeeeepy kan?
tapi memang sangat sleepy plus tired time exam tadi
tak boleh fikir dgn waras langsung haha
aha y im so feelin high semacam ni..hahaha

sekarang ni tengah rajin pulak bace older posts
paling seronok bace ni .yeah. this one
seronok la bace hahaha
jomlah bace same :D :PP

haaaaa yana yana :(
pensil tekan kuning hilanggg
dah 6 tahun dahh
pulanglaaaaaaaaaaah wahai pensil.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

waaa this song makes me cry
it touches my heart
crycrycryyyaiaiaiaiaii wuuwuu :P

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

watch me make u hate me

What is your favorite letter?
F! i like F . hahaha

Does your house have wood floors?

Have you watched the movie Paranormal Activity?
not yet lah. nak tgk :(

Is their any piercings that you want to get done?
belly percing wohoo :P

Are you a fan of myspace?
myspace? whats that?? :PP

Could you go two days with out eating?
noooo uu noooooo

Do you get nervous when going on a airplane?
tersangat hahaha

Do you like your middle name?
i hate my name in any position and condition :O

What is your favorite number?

Has anyone ever told you that you can sing?

Have you ever been depressed?
hmm yeaahaa :P

What made you take this survey?
i dunno lah haha

What's your favorite time of day?
morning --- 8 am mcm tu :D

Do you prefer to be called by a nickname or your real name?
real name

Do you believe in love at first sight or is all fake?
what is love at first sight??

Are you a virgin?

Whats the farthest you'll go on a first date?
haaa taktauuuu :P

Do you know where Waldo is?
yeah ofcourse i knoww

Are you racist?
agak sangat

Have you ever had your heart broken in the past?
heart broken???
ever ever haha

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming?

Do you know anyone with the name Emily?
yesss ,so????????????

Have you done anything you regret in the past month?
too many maaa

Is this a good year so far?

Who's the last person you called?

Without naming names, describe the last person you texted:

Do you have any phobias?
dah takde dah haha

Is there anyone you'd like to kiss right now?

Have you ever made a fake myspace?
yeahh! hahaha buduh

Saturday, February 6, 2010

none blaser haha

Today prefect and cikgu2 SEMESTA melawat SAB ! and im so excited sebab yang datang melawat tu semuaahnya yang aku paling kenal! my batch :) excitedddd nak jumpe and know what(sure u do heee) I used to be prefect semesta hahaha(ye la yang datang tu prefects). so bertambahtambah la excitednye (bapaks over.pahal tah nk lebih2) seronok sangat dapat jumpe yana,fiqa,adie,yaya,dyra,mira and so on :) bertahun sudah tak jumpe . emm and and and lagi, :P tak sangke cikgu semesta still remember me,hahah of course! macam mane boleh tak ingat insan yang telah menggemparkan alam semesta suatu ketika dahulu.BAHAHA (bajet gile) sangattt happy jmpe dorang. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A letter for me :D

Hah! ni yang paling tak tahan! terharusssiot.. haaa thx aina,thx sima,thx everyone yang ade kaitan dengan surat ni,
ni haa nak reply balik,harap2 Aina andd simaa bace la . raserase macam tak,tapi nak buat mcm mne lg (malas nk post surat la) facebook ke ape jadah ke korang tak minat la pulak. surat perlu dibalas style surat la nmpaknye hehe :D

Dear you, :P

Aina! hahahaha :P kangen sama kamo jugaa ;) ikhlas sangatttttt :) how can I forget ur face huh? comel lote mek kelate hehe thx sangat ingat kat alyaa ni ha,may god bless u :PP umm thx la dulu kat dorm selalu bagi food kat alyaa , tak boleh lupe ituuu heheeee

Pasal sekola dapat SBT tu, tak dinafikan lagi mmg alyaa lah pembawa tuahnyaaa!hahaha :PP tengokla dulu alyaa kat semesta, musy siap dapat house of the year lagi :P tp congrats jgk kat semesta,yela alyaa klua je terus dapat kluster ,tuah alyaa jgk tu :P

oh alyaa dah ade pengganti eh. sedihnye lahaii, kirim salam jelah kat die :P baik yee,wowww :P mmg takkan same la dgn alyaaaaa yang kunon mafiaaaaaaaaa ni hahahha

hmm skrg ni alyaa dengan. yeah masih sama tiada yg lainnnya *_* ahaa kak ika! sangat ingat..kuat daya ingatan kan,macam taktau pulak :P yeke die selalu ckp begitu? agak2nye mesti smpai mengigau kan? hehehehehe, kirim slm kat die eh :D (nak kirim hadiah belum birthday lagi kan? )

sorry sangat tak dpt contact selalu, tade medium kan. internet wujod pun still mcm susah, korang pulak tak bwk phone pegi asrama. but thx sgt call hari tuuu :D appreciate it so much !!! nak call sane mmg tak dpt la kan, yela, bukan ke sane public phone tak prnah la kosong kan?haha :D

AHA sempat bagi nasihat eh, amboiii :P anyway thanks aaaaa lot :) and thanksss lagi for the wishes ! :D haaa salam sayang balik!! :DD jutaaaaaan terima kasih lagi sbb sudi tulis surat kat alyaa, kreatif tak hengatttt, tapi lyrics as border is ma idea!!!! copyright reserved! (bajet tp benar hehe ) but ainaaa…so sweeet….. :D (ma idea brkembang dgn pesat nmpaknye) :PP

****SIMA! memang kuat sangat mencapub .tau la cun melecun hehe,knpe la korang suke tnye aku ingat lagi ke tak kat korang, sure la ingat! aku belum nyanyok lagi ah :P
thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sima :)) miss u too :)

....terimakasih sangat for everything,tak sangke ade orang ingat kat aku dari jauh sana, bahassa saintifiknye ulu raub :P seriously terharu and soo thankful ..
hmmmm..rase ayat aku kat atas atas ni gedik geleman kan. hahah pedulik hape aku ^O^ ni la post aku yg paling bersemangat sekali hahaha ^,^

Saturday, January 23, 2010


If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

i dunno what to s a y
tapi nk update jgk
hahhaha :/
boringggg blalalabalaabalaraja

Friday, January 1, 2010

entahla? haha

aku pun taktau knpe aku upload gambar ni