Thursday, December 2, 2010

Abandoned friday

But I know a magic dolphin swimming above the world.
Created by damnnearflawless and taken 56 times on Bzoink
Did you have breakfast today?: Nope
Have you ever been to New York?: Practically yes hahaha
Kleenex tissues or Puffs?: kleenex?
If you're a girl, do you ever leave the house without makeup?: yes..y not? i only know bout eyeliner
Some lyrics from the song you're currently listening to:: no lyrics..only musical instruments (from a tv)
Are you excited for Christmas?: no
Do you have a favourite kind of pie?: noh
Name three of your best friends:: happy three friends
Have you seen Vampires Suck?: yeah
Do you roleplay?: ....
Do you text a lot?: i dont know
Favourite Spongebob character?: patrick! hahaha
Do you have a favourite actor?: i dont know his name
Name all four of the Marauders:: sirius jamespotter??haa?
John Lennon. Paul McCartney. Music-wise, who's better?: lennon..?
Are you afraid of heights?: no kot
Least favourite colour?: orangeo
Do you read for fun?: hm mm
By the way, what's your favourite book?: pei pan
Who's your idol?: my bf heh he
What names would you never name your children?: fatehah..hahaha (random)
What's the most awkward question someone's ever asked you?: Boat ape it two?
Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or only child?: middle
What time do you usually go to bed?: 1 am
Most played song on iTunes?: i gotta feeling hahhaha
Are you more of a music or movie person?: mu vie!
Do you prefer magazines or books?: mooks
Have you ever been to France?: :x
Have you ever seen 'How I Won the War'?: maybe..?
Do you have a favourite restaurant?: caffeinees:)
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