Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nothing is wrong with you

I dont wanna know anything about you, dont wanna see or anything about you.nothing is wrong with you. it's just me. something is wrong with me. thats why im always wrong
this has nothing to do with you
this is all about me
not you
i wish i had never met you. i wonder how my life will be.maybe real good or maybe i wont be here or there or here or anywhere
i am always the one who is very stupid. who left, who wrong, yes wrong over and over and yeah you can give that look. fine its fine you win. i dont care cause i dont know you. i dont know and please, i dont even wanna know
here is my problem, i wish i had never said those things. i wish i had never let u heard that
remember, its just me
hey? who i sound like? i dont give a crap! i know why is everything anything, u dont have to explain it anymore but i want to hear your explaination. haha see im as stupid as u think.
i never know who am i here,there,wherever in your sight
sometimes i just wish i could be more thankful

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