Sunday, May 29, 2011



Not much a poet

I thought we can spend more time together. though we're not standing next to each other, but at least. i can hear more from u. more besides a single phone call. and though, we're just texting bout all the simple things we talk bout everyday. but at least, u're doing something for me.
It's not like u're not doin anything for me, u know right. something more

I may sound so ungrateful. but this actually is reaaaaally making me sad. i'm sad because u didnt tell me this earlier and i know why :( i'm sad because u're so far awaaaaay from me when i need u so much. u know it and now its a schooool break before everything runs wild. im so sad that i cant be with u for that freaking days. do u ever think about this?

Its not ur fault. its me who think too much. forgive me, im making this so much complicated :(
i want u to be happy and i hope u're! i'm so fine

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The normal me

I'm emo. thats the normal me. i dont know if it is the right word.i hate it so much hahaha :(
macam budak emo pulak.wei not like that! i mean, i'm too emosional, sensitive and randomly weird.
I still remember when my sis went to...emmm.asrama la, i was extra-ordinary-ly sad. i was like, crying a week before she go and a month after. everytime la. i wasnt tired. haha and dia pulak like, never cared bout me like i'm not existed and my fav song this time was, Gugurnya bunga cinta. wtf physco gila aku dgn kakak sendiri. she never kno bout this till she read this post haha
but when i'm getting older,ceh. this is not so obvious dah cause ive been taught to hide the tears and sadnesnes. lol and no one ever taught me pun
and this is not only happening when people leave me :/ also when i leave haha
and and this is still happening now. i dont know when all this will end!
before my sis go to asrama, my parents were always outstation bagai pi sana sini, then i went to asrama, then a year break no one go anywhere. now my bf pulak.emm emmh (kecoh kecoh)

sounds weird? funny? hey i'm sad with all this la. maybe cause i think too much,worried too much and loveeee. uuuuuuoh

correct my grammar miss mas

Friday, May 27, 2011

Schools break

Hey.its a school break. homeworks done. ftw! yeah team work basis
not excited.its just a break.or a sign or a new start.lets not hope

Friday, May 6, 2011


My previous post sounds so emo.i hate it
Um thats all for May
hahahaha entah