Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not much a poet

I thought we can spend more time together. though we're not standing next to each other, but at least. i can hear more from u. more besides a single phone call. and though, we're just texting bout all the simple things we talk bout everyday. but at least, u're doing something for me.
It's not like u're not doin anything for me, u know right. something more

I may sound so ungrateful. but this actually is reaaaaally making me sad. i'm sad because u didnt tell me this earlier and i know why :( i'm sad because u're so far awaaaaay from me when i need u so much. u know it and now its a schooool break before everything runs wild. im so sad that i cant be with u for that freaking days. do u ever think about this?

Its not ur fault. its me who think too much. forgive me, im making this so much complicated :(
i want u to be happy and i hope u're! i'm so fine

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