Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It is a great night, yes it is and im supposed to be studying for tomorrow's test
Im half ready for the test by the way (haha this sounds funny to me)
Well I have no points tonight. It just that i think that I should start writing again (for my ielts maybe? )
Cause yeah. I know that im no better than those no-objectives-type-of-blogger
Im not bored or what
And yes, he is sleeping early tonight
I cant deny that i feel a bit sad but I know im fine. I feel sorry for him that he is so tired, tensed and sad and I cant do anything to help though. I sound useless and treated as how I sounded. 
I believe people sometimes need their own space. But I never experience this factual bullshit. So it is hard for me to understand their situation. 
Thats not the point

Recently I always got this weird feeling. I feel happy everytime he crosses my mind and everything bout him makes me smile like an idiot. Its something alien to me though I thought that Im in love all this while. Lol.