Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to in Back To Basic

Here is a simple way to know whether u are healthy or not.(Fever determinator) Firstly u need : stopwatch, small towel, ice cube, time and wait..first and foremost, u need to be healthy to do the first step. so if u are in fever. u cant do this. BYE2. Butt if u're healthy, just follow the following steps. WARNING : The first step is only for a healthy person. Firstly, make sure u have those stopwatch and blablahgahbah. Then, in a room temperature (37+273K) start a stopwatch and at the moment u start the stopwatch, hold an ice cube. (only cube-shaped) Hold it till it start to melt. At the melting point of the ice cube, stop the stopwatch. Record the time taken. Repeat those above steps when u're not really feeling well. Compare the time taken. If the time taken when u are not feeling well is longer. Then, obviously u are not feeling well.

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