Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About to end

Abot me :

I'm alyaa! Loves Topography! No music no nothing, lovess hardmetal and heavycore!
Go away sempits and backseaters! Better checking out ur friendster! Thats all peep

That awkward moment when im trynna be funnay

I read someone's blog n saw something.she said im having my own life. that must be me rite?ritee la. im having my life yes,i am. without her. without my only bestfriend.
(i'm watching astana-damn the house so big i wnna cry)

I dont know what shud i do to make myself better. i dont know whats going on in this world. i have lack of everything n it's leaking.to make it rhyme. (how to spell?) i dont know what am i supposed to do when the best part of me is always someone else (this is actually a song)
but i know how to make me know everything. but it is impossible rght now.
and the items that i wish could help me are notebook and sejadah.

few days left.i've tried my best.realizing nothing to regret


Needa A said...

haha , yelaa tuuu .
rindu la sial :P

Lee ya said...

yela hape