Monday, June 21, 2010


:( so sad. my cellphone is crazy dumbass,all my saved texts are missing now.and im sure that they arent misssssing ,they are gone forever. waaaaaa. i need the saved texts so much.
huh itu je yang aku ade.itu sajje. dah pernah dah jadi mcm ni sekali.dah dekat 1000 texts,sayang sangat tauu. i know some of u think it's ridiculous.i dont give a damnmnmnmn ah weh.
haihh and noww jadi lagi sekali and and and i cried mcm ade orang mati and they laughed hahaha alyaa stupid. haahh whateva hm oh pls come back

and ah no holiday dah habis sekolah sekolah sampai gila

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