Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm bek!

Still have nothing to say. but
I just downloaded full-complete-bla3 my fav book. not my fav yet, but da writer is my fav /blablabla i dont wanna read it tru dis screeen.waa so bright my eyes can die
but i cant print it out. coz da book got 400 pages. matila membazir

Ok this cuti i tot i want to study or hve some fun but i didnt cuz i spent almost 7 days at kampung sleeping. and den only left hours to hve fun. and of course no studying. homeworkz? copy later haha

Em now i hve no interest to online and do some stupid research lmao
cuz im not interested lah.i like doin noting at home and go out also do noting. the best thing is meetin my bf.haa

Rayaa,haih the weirdest raya eber cuz i didnt take any serious raya poto.all merapu punya. hahaha so damn bored. k,so long

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