Friday, October 15, 2010


Still dont know what to post here. Cause i share too much things on twitter and feel like printing screen my twitter page and copy it here. I em also run out of word to tweet. I..emm k la. I'll share (you) a story

Ever-ry-day at least one of my friend will give me this compliment " alyaa kan baik"
i dont know how to laugh. am so proud also. haha hah
i dont know y. but it is the best thing to happen..
yeahh i know im kinda changed.since i shifted to sab hahah haaaa
i dont yell or curse at teacher,
no rejecting weird-like people,
being suspended,
kena kaunseling,
so watever
ANYMORE hahaha yeah.thanks sab. u make me real -.-

i feel realll good when dicipline teacher didnt even notice my existence! i feel like god. oh mannnng. this is not happening before! i feel so normal in sab. sooo, normal.

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izzati bashir said...

aliaa budak baikkkkk