Saturday, May 22, 2010

EXPERIENCES or something else?

Wuhu i just reached 100 experiences on EP. hahahaha im celebrating it now .not so happy. just excited cause i never thought that im gonna ..aaaaaa..what? umm these are the ..what? experiences or? ummm aaaaahaha :P

Wish Money Grew On Trees
Am Trying to Drink More Water Every Day
Like Looking At the Sky During Night
Have a Job
Believe Everything Happens For a Reason
Love to See You Smile
Believe In Karma
Enjoy Music
Respect Real People
Am Not Here For Dating
Love Weird Facts
Love Coffee
Want to Create a Device That Records Your Dreams Straight to Video As You Sleep
Love London
Am Very Random
Am Pierced
Find Serial Killers Fascinating
Have a Weird Sense of Humor
Got My Tongue Pierced
Love Chocolate
Know It's True
Wonder Does He Love Me
Want To Hear Your Voice Right Now
Usually Mean Much More Than I Say
Wtk Why Microsoft Percent Bars Are Never Accurate
Love Learning But Hate School
Am Not Fake My Profile Is Real And My Pics Are Really Me
Dont Feel Welcome Anymore
Can't Even Find The Words
Look Up At The Stars And Wonder If Your Looking Too
Like To Walk The Streets In The Night
Dont Care If They Said Im Overreact
Feel Terrible When I Hurt Somebody
Rather Have A Silver Wedding Ring, Than A Gold One
Got 58 Percent For My Biology
Know Something Is Missing
Don't Know How To Talk About Things When I Really Need To
Wtk Your Song Of The Day And Why
Love Old Pretty Buildings
Love Cookouts
Need To Sell My Textbooks
Can't Express How Much I Love You
Won't Tell You I Love You If I Don't Mean It
Am Not The Same Anymore
Will Tell You Everything You Wanna Hear Starting Now
Am Looking For My Purpose On This Planet
Think Life Is Too Short to Waste Time
Don't Like Automatically Flushing Toilets
Don't Mind Watching Movies Alone
Have Deja Vu Alot
Am So In Love It Makes Me Cry Sometrimes
Have a Weird Feeling
Want to Build a Hospital
Ep When Everyone Is Sleep
Will Love You More Tomorrow Than Today
Am Easily Hurt By Harsh Words
Cry Sometimes
Like It When Things Happen Naturally
Dont Know Anymore
Am the Jealous Type
Get Upset Easily
Know Microsoft Excel
Feel Things and Can Hardly Explain Them With Words
Can Be Emotional
Want My Mom to Be Happy
Love the Rain,it Makes Me Happy
Miss You More Than You Will Ever Know
Love Having a Clean Bedroom
Love My Mother So Much
Wish People Would Realize How Their Actions Hurt Others
Love the Smell of Rain
Like Fast Food
Have Moments of Feeling Sad and Lonely
Use Improper Grammar On Purpose
Like the Night
Love Listening to Songs That Make Me Sad
Can Be a Real Idiot Sometimes
Am a Movie and Television Fan
Remember the First Time I Got High
Really Do Enjoy Being Alone At Times
Never Know What to Title My Stories
Can't Sleep When Someone Is Snoring
Want to Know Your Favorite Thing to Do When You Are Alone
Have the Coolest Cat
Use Face Masks
Want to Know What the F Uck You Were Thinking
Went to Boarding School
Can't Wait
Am Too Honest For My Own Good
Want to Figure Out Who I Am
Want to Move Away From Here
Use Music As Therapy For the Soul
Like Going Out and Having Fun
Am Annoyed By Positive People
Want to Know the Story Behind Your Username
Have a Feeling I Can't Explain
Am Malaysian (malay)
Have Difficulty Being Happy Most of the Time
'd Like to Change My Life, Right Now

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