Tuesday, August 5, 2008


ok...so lets see wut da liar quizilla said about what emotion represents me...hahahaha..
you are a go-with-the-flow type of person.[oh yea?] you are very flexible and can cope with change[hmmm...smtymes], picturing yourself as just the average joe. you probably don't have too many enemies![haha...yes2!!] but its also ok to be a little outspoken sometimes, share your opinion with others! and it wouldn't hurt to get a favorite color! ^_^
n also what do i stand for
You like to have close ties of trust with your friends, so in return you like to keep things a secret to know you have someone that your able to spill your heart to, without having others know about your secrets. [hmm..]It is nice to have people who can trust you, and you are a very trustworthy person, people rely on you to be a good listener to there problems and keep them on the down-low.[aha...u knoe dat...welll.. ;p ] If you played the trust game with someone, you would catch them, but the other person may "accidentally" drop you
.[ye xyer jgk]..

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