Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My date with..

If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

One day, I was screaming my duster on a(n) pretty day. I went to the kitchen to call. All of a sudden from the corner on my tooth I saw david blaine!! He/she said "hey loser" and walked up to me happily. He/she asked me out on a date to low yatt. I asked "are u ok??" and he/she responded "hugg me."So we went to low yatt and had a(n) bright time. He/she kept snorkelling me. So I finally asked him/her "Where did you come from?" He/she responded "SAB." I said "go to hell" and then we started yelling to NEGARAKU. Finally it was 4 in the morning. We had done everything but talk. I was so fluent that I could hardly carry. He/she swept me home. He/she killed me at the door and asked me "who the hell are u??" I put my lungs to his/her small intestine and stood there deadly.Then I turned to haunt into the door, and suddenly stalked. That caused me to wear in my sleep and wake up. It was just a dream... A(n) wet dream...

(lagi2 bnda alah ni! sangap pulak,gahaha)

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