Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just saying

Today : for the first time, dengan kerelaan hati yang penuh ikhlas i went to debate meeting
i hate meeting, especially that related to debate

i can still remember this very clearly ; when i 'live' in semesta, im one of da very bad lazy ass debater. cuz i used to feel like screaming n crying when ' oi kejap lagi ade meeting'
im not a good debater, cuz i dont talk seriously, i mean, i talk playfully :p
im not a good speaker, no way im gonna be the best speaker
emm, english debate k, bahas is complicated like hell

walaupun i went to hk (sbp national debate level) to represent school, it wus nothing actually
cuz i was like, so young n stupid (form 2)
im writing this cuz my friends (yana/adie/nida) mesti terkejut ( kot la)
i want them to kno i went to debate meeting without them forcing n pushing me

dats all,
i'm malaysian, i speak rojak :P


Needa A said...

hhahaha go alyaa :) see you in uia !!

Lee ya said...

haha tak sure lagi lah :o