Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I was me

I miss the old me- academically?
how i used to study, serious and harder than ever, and i think i'm no longer like that

when i was a form 1 kid (everyone said i look mature ok hahaha), two weeks before the exam or tesst, i was like, staying up late till 4 am to study...introduction to science...zaman prasejarah...limpahan darah di sungai ssemur? blabla lol
just cause i didnt know how a secondary school's exam's format will look like,
so yeah. i studied macam nak gila

i brought my notes everywhere, sampai ke surau, masa tunggu azan tu boleh study lagi kan and till one day senior nak study dalam surau tak boleh kot -.- everyone else was like, lepak2 not studying termasuklah form5 semua. and they were like 'waaaah alyaaaaa rajin!' and orang lain could find my notes anywhere cause selalu lah tertinggal. fak poyo bunyinyerrrr hhaha

sampai lah the first exam's result was out, yeaaaaahhhh dapat no1 dalam batch doh! po plat, straight a's hahahahahahaha i was very happy :') and stressed :( sebab nak kena maintain. lololll
sekarang, i keep thinking how can i be like used to be. . .

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