Friday, June 29, 2012

UTP educamp Interview

Ahah! hai :P emm this is a random post...
Just wanna share with you guys how i went through the interview :) lolol
so it was a fun interview....cause i woke up at 3am just to go to there haha, thanks to ibu and ayah who were willing to accompany me that day, from the veeeery early in the morning to 8pm haha -_-
eh okay, the interview has 3 sessions, if u came early, u'll get the first session, and u can go home early..or u will start your interview at 4pm, and alhamdulillah i got the second session eventho sampai 7am! pfftshh

Firstly after the registration, u have to sit in the group, like 5 members per group, and of course u can choose your own group member. so if u come with your friends, emm apa nak cakap.. heaven. lol *takdalah heaven sangat* means, you can do the interview with your beloved friend..haha i think it will be easier

Hawevah, i knew nobody in my group, and all of them are schoolmates, except ME. but it went fine, they were so friendly! so there were 2 phases, individual interview and group interview. before the first phase interview started, we've been given a study case entitled: Crime Waves. (each group has different topic) It has nothing to do with physics okay.. haha dont worry. it was about a crime among youngsters.. we have to give our opinion about the case. just a very simple opinion but with a bundle of there will be no silences in the interview room :P for both phases, individual and group, there has nothing to worry about and no preparations needed LOL u only have to bring your confidence and widen up your mind and eyes so u wont feel so sleepy. *awkward moment*

UTP is a very nice place, me and bf *lol* camwhoring ah apa lagi :3

Alhamdulillah, i succeeded in this interview and got a place in UTP for petroleum and geoscience engineering :) 

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