Sunday, July 8, 2012

MAIWP Baitulmal Interview (Medic in Egypt)

Assalamualaikum..he he

This is the toughest interview ever guys!!
okay so whyyy? because MAIWP will give you about 15,000usd per year for medic di mesir (tak banyak pun but i think its enough or more than enough to live in egypt)
emm but i dont think the interview is hard because of the total money they give you

OK so what has been asked to me during the interview:

0. tell us about your family, whatchu do in your previous school..
1. kelantan's issue (air, sungai)
2. FELDA's issue
3. tell us about the current issue
4. what blog are u following, tell us whats the content
5. newspaper u read? (i answered HARAKAH by accident! )
6. tell us about twitter and facebook
7. sekolah agama dapat pangkat apa UPSRA
8. how is your bahasa arab's knowledge? how many years u learn
9. baca surah Yaasin
10. any other surah yang panjang? ( i chose al-mulk! and thank god tak suruh baca sampai habis)

Some of my friends were asked about the nuclear thingy, rukun solat, rukun iman, syarat sah... be prepared la for feqah's knowledge :P
and the interview was in bahasa kay, :)

Alhamdulillah, as a result, saya berjaya ditawarkan biasiswa ini! :)
Terima kasih ya allah :)

*some of my friends failed to answer almost everything except their personal details but still got the offer. hehe i dont know how MAIWP choose people to sponsor :p but of course they'll choose the best la kan? maybe my friends lied that they fail to answer lololol

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