Monday, April 27, 2009

today 2

nothing beat human touch

today i was hangingggg .loittering at da kole lumpo siti senter after school.

dunno why.and how

but not in school uniform

(school uniform is fuckinlutelyy look like fucking boyan costume)

ahhhhh// i hate it .yes!! fuck off you school uniform!

and ,

while i was, sittingg at the park without matlamat yang jelas .dunno why

suddenly, segerombolan bangla came and melepak bside me

hoaah. holy shit. they smell @!#$%$( they dun smell cash actually)

and, i freakinlyy dunno y they were staring at me like ,,

they never ever see human being! can yoouuu imagine it?


and & and, about the bangla , why they're alwayssss walk in a group? hahha

do they had their own weirddd "community" ?

sometimes they walk in straight line! baahahahha

thats reaally weird.

ahah! l r t . and i never expecteddd that lrt ,adee cikgu the station.

and he's so damn bising lahhh .dunno y he was so dengki to me.huh

(he was blabberybering to me, and everyone was staring at me.on that timee)

bcause,.. . hahah

* i hate you so much bitch. i dunno lah why kan , if chewww you chewingum,

u think u're fuckin gangster? ahh hell laahh u nerdy

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