Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just signed in.

Based on quizilla's quiz

How much do you like him/her

(how much does Alyaa like mrs.pengetua)

Result: Just Buds
You aren't completely in love with them ( haaaaa?wtfoo?whoahahaha) but you don't hate them. (i dont even hve a second to think about her) You keep it simple. Just friends. ( bahaha) If you feel you have stronger feelings than this, (die laughing here xD ) try going farther. (go what?huh?where?this quiz is totally crayzee)

Super Spiffy Survey

So, How are you today?
Whats the last thing you remember rolling your eyes at?
Favorite kitchen utensil?
Favorite pair of socks?
First thing you did when you woke up this morning is...
i skipped the first thing ,
If you could have ANY super-power, what would if be?
live without my eyes.haa(boring)
Do you love me?
who are you?
How do you like them at night?
as usual
Cartoon Character you would most like to have sex with?
Who was your first crush?
albert einstein
Did you like it?
Like what ..bod oh
How many screen names do you have?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
oh yea?
Questions by some very special guests:
what color were your nails 5days ago?
black bussiness :P
Do bring ur clothes into the shower for when ur done or walk back in a towel
walk back dekan* haha
if theres a mermaid comin @ u 26 miles/hour, how many pancakes can you eat?
a few
Yeah those were dumb.
Grab the neartes book. Page 22. The first full scentence says what?
chapter 3
What do you call your parents?
parents. ...
Which animal at the zoo is the most fun to watch?
haaaa...i dunno...
What person are you most afraid of?
this person-->
Whats your favorite type of weather?
what do you think of this survey so far?
Okay. 1 more... Do you tie your shoes after you put each on, or after both?
after put each ong lo

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