Thursday, June 11, 2009

village 1

someone is talking with alyaa who just arrived from somewhere.

someone : Do you like to balik kampung?
alyaa : yes
someone : Is it true?
alyaa : no
someone : Are you sure ?
alyaa : maybe . yes. no. yes

well , i hate this part right here! hishhhh. i forgot to keluarkan my handphone from seluar.haishhh. so, my phone pon rosaklaa :P while my another phone still terlantar kat kedai. so-so-so, alyaa bertambah muflis. hurgh phone was in my pocket. alyaa?!!! stupid!

happpy moment of alyaa :P

like my sister. we like to balik kmpg just because we love to eat. any idea? and of course we wanna meet them.hahaha. so, seems like my holiday is very .huh.ha. class-tution-class-tution-balik kampung-class again. thats all. but, its still great :D. (u know, beyond the words,, behind the scene.haha)

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maryjane said...

wallalweeiiii aku ade di sini,da la kene keja anjeng mase niee..taik je..huhuh

lee ya said...

hahahha,keco je stakat anjeng tuh alahey