Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finest virtual tarot

I was just so bored, not being khurafat or syirik
so since im being too inquisitive...yeah.. i went to ASKJUD.COM
it is a virtual tarot where u can ask the 'jud' anything and he will answer u like a boss!!!
frigging creepy to the max

And i asked him few questions....

Q: My spm result?
A: I dont think you will believe me..

Q: What should i do now...since he must be so mad at me :(?
A: If i was you, im not going to sleep..

Q: Do u like sex?
A: who doesnt know that?

Q: should i get a new ipad3?
A: Im tired of your questions...

Q: Are u fucking kidding me?
A: Im not answering that


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