Monday, February 6, 2012

Just talk with the flow

So last week i went to nida's
last week ke? i dont know haha

we did nothing much...both of us were like.. stoning in front of the elctronics..items every single day
9gag-ing 24/7
and when we met the post we have read..hahaha 
bosan gila balik terbalik boleh mati

she (nida) often, always, selalu says forever alone..oh i am forever alone
i kinda hurt sometimes
bitchh. i am ur bestfriend and i am here with u now how could u said that in front of me??!
oh okay i get it. u want a boyfriend...not a bestfriend
HAHHAHA ok just kiddin!

i actually dont understand her hahhaha since eternity!!!!
but that is how we work. till now :)

umm and days before the sleepover i went to jakarta and bandung
i can say that it is the best trip ever since pergi dengan nabil!
and it was our first vacation together :D yayy!
the magic was....

i didnt feel exhausted or tired or sleepy at night after a loooooooooong day walking and shopping and carrying heavy things (my handbag)
i guess u know why. ceh
because, i always penat sampai longgar lutut walaupun jalan2 cari roti dekat carefour :p
so i think this trip was very fun!

i hope we can go on vacation again, i miss it! :(
and yeah. being around u 24/7 was so wonderful!!!!

waah one of the best gift from dearest Allah, and you :)

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